Sales Coach Tip: Jumping into a new sales territory!

I was asked on the following question: “You’ve been given a new sales territory.  How do you “attack” it to produce huge results?” Below is my public answer.

When I was in various sales roles at Xerox and DHL, the first thing I would ever do when I was given a new territory was to identify who the largest possible target clients were.  I wanted to find prospects that no one before me had been able to get a foot in the door. I looked for the biggest challenges possible, with the largest rewards.

I organized a process and a plan to spend time each week moving towards opening up new partnerships with untapped Fortune 500 companies. I was successful because I had a plan that I executed on a daily and weekly basis.  I opened up many new partnerships where Xerox or DHL had never had any existing relationship in their entire history.

At the same time, I would target the smaller opportunities to ensure there was a steady flow of increased revenue and new business in my territory at all times. This enabled me to maintain constant growth from the smaller opportunities alone.  When I would secure a large partnership, I was already over my budget goals and this propelled me to the top of the sales organizations year over year.

Jeremy J. Ulmer, Professional Coach, Life Coach, Sales Coach, Business Coach, Sales Expert

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