What Is It Like To Work With Me As Your Coach?

  • Customize a program around your needs and goals.
  • Share with you new skills and approaches that will be most natural and effective for you.
  • Create together plans for success based on your strengths.
  • Develop approaches that honor your values.
  • Coach and support you to be your best, mentor you, help you focus, make important changes, and take action to exceed all of your goals. 

How My Coaching Programs Are Different

Customized Around You & Your Goals
  • We will design the coaching partnership around your specific goals and challenges.
  • You help design the partnership with me and I will support you in every way possible.
  • I will support you to achieve your desired results faster.  Whether your goals are related to business, sales, career, life, or a combination, I will coach you to be your best and maximize your results.
On-Going Support, Focus & Accountability
  • Consistent application and reinforcement of new approaches and strategies.
  • I will provide you the right amount of accountability that will work best for you.  People are much more likely to meet goals and commitments when they know they have an accountability partner. You will also learn how to be accountable to yourself.
Sounding Board, Objectivity & Commitment
  • I am professionally trained to help act as a "lighting rod" for your ideas.
  • When you reflect on challenges or goals, I will be there to support you and help ensure proper actions take place for you to achieve your desired results.
  • I will provide an outside and objective viewpoint.
  • I will challenge you to focus on your most important goals, to stay true to your values, and to make positive changes quickly.
Professionally Trained Coach
  • I am a graduate from the leading International Coach Federation Training Program and trained in Behavioral Science.
  • I help people maximize their potential, take action, make important changes in behavior, and achieve breakthrough results.
  • Most people have the best intentions, but it does not always translate into actual changes in behavior.  As a professional coach, I have gone through extensive training to learn how to most effectively translate your intentions into reality.

The Coaching Structure

Telephone Coaching Sessions + Email Support
  • Coaching sessions last 30 minutes or 60 minutes.
  • 1 to 4 coaching sessions will be held each month per sales person or individual based on your program.
  • Unlimited email support is included between phone coaching sessions to help you stay on track.
Satisfaction Guarantee
  • I guarantee you will find coaching with me worth the investment. 
  • If you do not see significant benefits you can choose to stop coaching at anytime.

Please contact me to learn more about sales coaching or business coaching.