Sales Coach Jeremy Ulmer

Sales Coach Jeremy Ulmer specializes in delivering sales coaching for sales professionals, sales management, sales teams, and business owners.

Jeremy J. Ulmer, President & CEO – Lead Sales Coach

My journey in sales began during college selling siding and windows door to door and managing a sales team. After I graduated from Knox College, I was recruited to be a sales executive at Xerox Corporation, where I became the #1 ranking sales performer within 7 months of hire.

Next, I joined DHL and was their #1 National Account Manager in the entire Unites States for three separate years. After 6 years at DHL, I became the Director of Sales for the #1 Sales Outsourcing firm in the country and later was recruited to Direct Sales & Marketing for one of the top Real Estate Coaching & Consulting Firms in the nation.

After personally witnessing the power of coaching, I began intensive coach training at the #1 Coaching Training Institute, CTI. Since graduating from this program, I have assisted with leading various coaching training programs to teach coaching skills to new life coaches, business coaches, and sales coaches.

I have helped 100's of individuals and organizations strategically overcome their sales challenges and take their results to the next level.

When I am not coaching, I enjoy working out 5 x’s per week, playing tennis, soccer, weight lifting, biking, hiking, volunteering at various local dog rescues, and dancing salsa.

Sales Credentials

  • Sales Skills Presenter at The University Of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • #1 Ranked Sales Performer in U.S. for 4 years at two Global Fortune 500 Companies
  • Former Director of Sales at the #1 Outsourced Sales Company in U.S
  • Generated over $135 Million in Sales Revenue
  • Completed Over 2,000 Face to Face Sales Meetings & Over 75,000 Prospecting Calls
  • The Wall Street Journal – recommended following Sales Coach Jeremy Ulmer on Twitter.

Business Credentials

  • Entrepreneur Panel Member at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • Experienced in Start Ups, Small Business, Fortune 500, and Entrepreneurship
  • Developed, Recruited, and Managed Multiple Sales Forces From Scratch
  • Extensive Experience Leading, Managing, Developing and Motivating Teams & Individuals
  • Skilled in Social Media, SEO, Google AdWords, Web Development, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Published Author on 100′s of global websites & within various print magazines including Leadership Excellence and FreshBooks
  • Requested LinkedIn, Twitter & Social Media Source For The Wall Street Journal –

Coaching Credentials

  • Outstanding Track Record of Success Coaching 100′s of Clients to Peak Performance
  • Graduate from the Leading & Largest In-Person Coach Training Institute In The World
  • Assistant for the Coaches Training Institute Workshops & Life Coach Training Programs
  • Active Member of The International Coach Federation
  • Certified in Sales Team Building
  • Most Recommended Sales Coach within the entire LinkedIn network of 80 million professionals

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