Coaching vs Training

Research by the Chartered Management Institute and Campaign for Learning – “Coaching at Work”. Results issued in a press release dated 16th May 2002:

Top 4 words associated with Coaching (from a given list) were:

Supportive (98%), Empowering (82%), Holistic (80%), Inspirational (77%)

Top 3 words associated with Training (from the same given list) were:

Prescriptive (71%), Rigid (70%), Intimidating (50%)

80% of executives say they think they would benefit from coaching at work and dismiss the suggestion that coaching is just another fad

Virtually all managers (96%) think coaching should be available to every employee, regardless of seniority

85% of managers say the main value of coaching is in enhancing team morale

80% of managers value coaching for generating responsibility on the part of the learner Research by The Lifecoaching Company – “Coaching Today Survey”. Research took place at the HRD Show in London in April 2002, respondents all HR professionals.

86% held very positive views on coaching

86% of respondents’ organizations have offered coaching at one time or another and coaching is CURRENTLY taking place in over one third (36%) of organizations

Respondents feel that coaching achieves the following desired outcomes:

  • A positive impact on other aspects of participants’ lives, both at work and outside the workplace (96%)
  • A feeling amongst participants of ownership of the issues and the outcomes (85%)
  • Evidence of learning being put into practice (71%)
  • Readily-quantifiable and positive results, often demonstrated on the company’s “bottom-line” over the long term (62%)

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