Sales Coach Tip: Create your own selling style!

There was a great question posted on yesterday.  “What things do you refrain from saying to avoid sounding “salesy”?”  Below is my answer.  I will use the term “sales person” to describe anyone involved in using sales skills, i.e.-business owner, business leaders, sales reps, sales directors, etc.

I believe if you are your most authentic, natural, and genuine self, nothing “salesy” will come from your mouth.  The challenge is that many people think they need to be different, or act different, or say something different, than their natural self would say, to be a great sales person.

The prospective client picks up when you are not genuine, which, well frankly, doesn’t make the sales person very likeable and has instantly reduced the odds that this sales person will be opening up any new partnerships.

In addition, the sales person will feel uncomfortable in their own shoes while they are selling, because they are not being true to themselves.  I can’t remember where I read this, but an old book said, if you wouldn’t say it to your ‘grandma’ that way, don’t say it to a prospective client like that either.

Most sales training that people learn is originally from decades ago and has just been regurgitated over and over again and re-branded in a new name, or new book title, by a new author or trainer.

Things have changed, and most of the pressuring and convincing/persuading sales skills are a thing of the past.  The reality is, every individual is different, and if they can learn to create a sales style that honors who they are, and their personal values and strengths, well, sales can be enjoyable, fun, and, oh yeah, you’ll have the best results you have ever experienced.

Jeremy J. Ulmer, Sales Coach, Business Coach, Life Coach, Professional Coach, Executive Coach

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