Life Coach | Business Coach: Finding Work-Life Balance

The following question was posted on “Work-Life Balance…Any suggestion on how to find symmetry?”  Below is my public answer.

Hi, these are very important questions.  As a professional coach, both for business, sales and life, I find that these areas area critical for success.  I started a group that is fully dedicated to “Balance & Fulfillment for Business Leaders” that you might want to join.  We are sharing and helping each other with these exact types of questions.

First, it may be helpful to look at balance from a new perspective.  What is Balance?  Balance is not about having equal weight on each part of life.  That simply is not possible.  IE- equal parts family, work, recreation, and friends.  That is not the goal.  It is a constant flow and it is never resting or idle.  The way we balance, is by being aware of the CHOICES we can make, and we can then move toward more alignment with the balance that we decide we want to have.

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