How To Motivate Your Sales Team

How To Motivate Your Sales Team

Have your tried everything possible to motivate your sales team but still are not seeing the results you crave? Have you tried everything listed below?

Common Tips to Motivate A Sales Team:

  • Create a clear sales plan
  • Provide ample sales training (learn why sales training alone fails)
  • Set achievable goals
  • Empower your sales team
  • Establish a solid base salary in addition to their commissions and bonuses
  • Provide positive feedback and recognition
  • Celebrate the successes
  • Communicate frequently with your team and have an open door policy
  • Involve your sales team with setting quotas, sales plans, sales goals
  • Set challenging goals
  • Motivate with significant bonuses
  • Established sales contests or sales games
  • Provide sophisticated sales tools, from the best CRM, to marketing support, to internal support
  • Spend time helping out on sales calls
  • Grant sales’ awards, such as sales person of the month or sales person of the year
  • Adjust compensation plans to increase motivation
  • Hire motivational speakers

Many of the items I list above can help you motivate your sales team. They each have different levels of importance given your particular situation. However, I was looking for something new that would catapult my team into a thoroughbred sales force, possessed with energy, passion and motivation.

I have developed a breakthrough sales solutions that deliver results.

To create dramatic results in a short period of time I use a customized sales coaching process, which produces extraordinary results for sales leaders, sales managers, and sales professionals of all levels. Please visit this link to learn more about Sales Coaching.

I also recommend attending a Public Sales Workshop or having an On-Site Private Sales Workshop at your organization.

How To Motivate Your Sales Team With Sales Coaching & Sales Workshops

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