Sales Coaching

My sales coaching model provides a highly effective approach to maximizing performance by applying sales expertise in conjunction with professional coaching.


Sales Results You Can Expect From Sales Coaching

More Clients & Faster Than you Ever Thought Possible
  • More ideal clients, more qualified clients, and better clients.
  • Whether you are an individual or you are leading a sales team, you will quickly see positive sales results.
A Great Sales Process
  • A repeatable, efficient, and effective sales process that works.
Absolute Sales Confidence
  • You will have a clear sales plan for whatever your goals may be.
  • You will have the necessary sales methods, techniques, and support for great success.
  • You will believe in yourself completely and be propelled to take immediate actions.

Sales Coaching Program Options

One on One Sales Coaching: This service is for business owners, entrepreneurs, solo entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, consultants, chief sales officers, vp's of sales, sales directors, sales managers, and individual sales performers.

Sales Team Coaching | Corporate Sales Coaching: This service is one on one sales coaching for individual performers within a sales team or a sales force.

Group Coaching Program: This service is for business partners, or for a group of sales professionals to be coached at the same time.

Customized Coaching Programs: Various other programs can be custom designed to meet your exact needs and goals.

Below are just some of the areas that my sales coaching clients choose to focus on. We will determine together what areas will be most important to focus on to maximize your sales results.

Technical Sales Skills Gained From Sales Coaching

  • Sales Process Development
  • Prospecting, Cold Calling, Follow Up Methods
  • Cold Calling Coaching
  • Qualification & Discovery
  • Gaining Commitments From Your Prospects
  • Opening New Partnerships ("Closing")
  • Objection Handling & Negotiation Strategy
  • Powerful Voicemails & Emails That Will Receive A Response From Prospects
  • Referral Systems To Create A Steady Stream Of Referral Clients
  • Social Media Networking Training To Attract New Clients
  • LinkedIn Coaching & LinkedIn Training

Intangible Sales Skills Gained From Sales Coaching

  • Creating Your Own Selling Style
  • Networking & Rapport Building Skills 
  • Effective Listening & Questioning
  • Leadership Development
  • Motivating Sales Teams and Sales Forces
  • Discipline & Focus 
  • Confidence & Positive Attitude
  • Time Management & Self Management

How My Sales Coaching Program Is Different

 Customized Around You & Your Goals
  • Whether you want to start with building a powerful referral system, or learn how to be a master on the phone, we will get you to where you want to be.
Create Your Own Selling Style
  • We will learn together what sales methods, techniques, and philosophies will work best for you, or your sales team, to sell in the most genuine, and natural way.
  • A selling style based on your values will make selling more enjoyable for you and maximize your results.
Work With A True Sales Expert
  • As a highly successful sales expert, I can provide sales solutions, sales mentoring, and pull techniques from various schools of thought that will work best for you.
  • I am a proven sales expert who has outperformed 1,000's of sales professionals, built sales forces from scratch, and coached 100's of professionals to achieve breakthrough results.
Professionally Trained Coach
  • Most people have the best intentions, but it does not always translate into actual changes in behavior. As a professional coach, I understand how to professionally support, motivate, and propel people to take action and make essential changes.

Are you considering hiring a sales coach? Contact me for a free sales coaching consultation.