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Results For Sales Professionals of All Levels

Jeremy provides sales coaching to me in my role as VP of Sales & Marketing. His coaching sessions challenge me to approach sales opportunities in different ways that result in more effective strategies and yield better results. Jeremy is most effective in brainstorming new and creative ways to approach companies and clients, or deal with organizational issues.

He is organized, timely, motivating and an excellent communicator. Most importantly, he makes me a better sales leader. As a result of Jeremy’s coaching, my sales success has increased significantly. Jeremy’s coaching helped me land the largest sales win in company history; increasing company revenues by over 40%. Recently I was named Vendor of the Year by a leading nationwide retailer. I owe a lot to Jeremy’s help.

Jeremy has been an excellent asset to my training and ongoing learning in sales. His ability to listen, interpret and then offer realistic solutions has been very beneficial. His passion for coaching is evident in the creative exercises he offers as well as his advice. It truly is a partnership when working with him- he wants you to succeed as much, if not more than you. You won’t find another person more genuinely dedicated to helping you be successful than Jeremy. As a rookie, he has helped guide me in many ways to achieving my sales goals across the board. I highly recommend Jeremy as a coach and teacher.

I started searching for a professional sales coach almost 1 year ago. I went through an extensive selection process and chose Jeremy Ulmer because of his passion for Sales Coaching, his sales career success, and his positive attitude. I am so thankful that I chose to work with Jeremy because I have seen tremendous results in my sales numbers, my ability to prioritize and execute and even my personal effectiveness. I highly recommend Jeremy Ulmer and I look forward to continuing to work and learn with him in the future!

I had the opportunity to work with Jeremy for several months. He had an excellent understanding of my goals, helped develop a powerful strategy, and the associated required tactics. Jeremy’s process and sales instincts can impact any sales environment whether you are selling a product or a service. Jeremy’s coaching skills will definitely help you develop as a sales professional. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone who is interested in further developing selling skills and serious about overachieving.

Hiring Jeremy was one of the best career decisions I’ve ever made! His years of sales experience, track record of stellar success and fun personality help him quickly and effectively deliver actionable advice based on proven business principles and leading edge out of the box thinking. My sales have more than doubled since engaging with Jeremy!

I used Jeremy’s services to help me through a job transition in my sales career. I feel very fortunate to have found Jeremy’s services and credit him with getting my career back on track to my next opportunity. Jeremy has an immediate likability about him. It is clear why he is very successful and has been a #1 sales person at Fortune 500 companies.

He has great phone presence and is an extremely good listener and has an innate ability to empathize with you and steer you in the right direction. He is always upbeat and positive and knows how to structure each session with a clear mission to meet the goal you set forward. I highly recommend Jeremy for anyone looking for a jolt in their sales career and help improve their career outlook.

As someone always pushing to take my career to next level, Jeremy was my first choice to help me define that path. His insight and knowledge are second to none. I have changed my approach with Jeremy’s help and the pay off has been ten fold. Being in sales is a craft and Jeremy truly understands how to get people to separate themselves from being mediocre to top performer. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to further their skill set.

Jeremy was great. His approaches and clever sales techniques have made a real difference in how I will approach sales initiatives. His delivery, thoughtful material, and exercises made the coaching experience very enjoyable. I would recommend him to other organizations looking for help in business development coaching!

I have really enjoyed working with Jeremy as my sales coach. He has made it easy to dive in and really learn about who I am as a professional, what “fears” I have, and how to confront them and grow as a result. Every interaction with him has been valuable and has helped me grow in some way. He is very creative in his approach and really makes an effort to listen and guide me in figuring out where I can improve. I plan on a long relationship with Jeremy and I would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to become better in any area of their life.
-Jake, Sales Executive

Jeremy has a drive to help people become great. He knows how to bring people’s best talents out to make them successful not only in their careers, but also in their everyday lives. He helped me believe in myself, set and accomplish goals, and now I am working for one of the largest employers in the world.
-Bill, Senior Account Executive

Jeremy turned me around and got me going again! I was really trying to make some strides professionally and I was given the opportunity, but I found myself really stuck, lacking confidence and knowledge in the area of sales. I consider myself to be very proactive in my life, but I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t break through whatever was stopping me.

Jeremy was hired by my manager to coach me. His effectiveness was immediate! I was given specific, measurable goals to work towards and great feedback on where I could improve my selling techniques. Even better, he involved me in my own sales coaching – guided me, rather than, pushed – and the results were practical and speedy! Thanks Jeremy!
-Anna, Sales Professional

Jeremy’s unconventional approach to sales training is extremely effective. Everyone in our group participated in fun and engaging practical exercises. Jeremy’s methods will not only benefit your sales performance, but your everyday life. I highly recommend Jeremy Ulmer to provide you and your staff with his training program. You won’t be disappointed.
-Andrew, Sales Executive

At the end of the day, it is the individual that controls their own sales results. You work with a coach in order to hone your own skills and get some solid guidance. Jeremy consistently provides this – the consultation he provides has positively impacted real-world scenarios in my experience. Hire this guy and it will pay off!
-Scott, Enterprise Account Executive

I am an individual with no sales background, and within weeks of working with Jeremy my confidence, people skills, and sales techniques grew substantially. I would have not achieved my current level of success without Jeremy’s guidance. His strategies are simple, yet effective. He took the time to learn about me the person rather than me the salesman. He cares about people, and through his compassion and dedication is able to craft not only a better approach towards sales, but a better approach towards life. I strongly recommend Jeremy!
-Kevin, Sales Executive

Jeremy is a great coach and mentor. He took the time to understand my business and personality, which enabled him to ask me the hard questions that made me think introspectively about the services I offer and how I help customers. Working closely with Jeremy provided me with a new level of self-understanding and business intelligence level that have helped me excel in my role at The Nerdery. I highly recommend Jeremy if you are a newbie in sales or seasoned veteran, his insight and experience are priceless.

Results For Sales Management & Sales Leaders

Working with Jeremy has been one of my best career decisions to date. In a short time he has helped me gain confidence, widen my pipeline and close more sales. Jeremy is extremely pragmatic. He helps me institute real solutions that have significant benefits to my overall sales process.

Best of all, Jeremy is great at helping me develop my own selling style and listening to me to get at the real issues impeding my performance. The positivity and motivation that he exudes is contagious. If you are looking for a truly great sales coach or sales career coach that can deliver outstanding results, Jeremy will meet and exceed all expectations.-

I am totally amazed with Jeremy and his passion to help others obtain their dreams and the life they always wanted. He continues to support me through our sales coaching partnership to help me reach all of my goals faster than I could have ever done on my own.
-Daniel, Director of Sales

I found myself searching for a 1st class, truly professional coach to assist me in overcoming a serious downfall in my sales process. After interviewing a large number of coaches from around the country, I determined that Jeremy was the single most qualified coach to assist me. His insights and methods are excellent, and the results are superb. I will call on Jeremy whenever I have a challenge and I know he will help solve it.

Jeremy has a very unique approach to uncovering the real potential of his clients. He quickly gets a good handle on his clients’ background, motivations, fears, and habits to form a plan to maximize results. His combination of developing personal skills and working on specific sales issues has helped me realize that they are often closely related. If you are struggling to get over the hump or want to achieve greater success, I highly recommend getting on board with Jeremy to unlock your potential.
-Bill, VP of Sales

It’s not enough to go Barnes & Noble and read the books. Jeremy puts it all together in a package that transcends the information itself, and takes you to a place where you can see how it all pieces together. Moreover, he shows how it’s not just about information, but about how people feel, and he does it in a way you just can’t get from a book. Highly recommended.
-George, PhD, Director of Consulting

Jeremy masterfully combines his sales habits and experience with his specialized education to create a simple but profound set of guidelines and exercises that will dramatically improve the efficiency of any sales professional. I highly recommend his services without reservation.
-Brett, Marketing Manager

Jeremy is always willing to go the extra mile for you. He is extremely helpful and insightful when it comes to building client relationships. I have always been able to rely on him for guidance.
-Caroline, VP of Sales & Marketing

I attended a seminar led by Jeremy on how to cold call more effectively. His insights were unique in many ways, most-likely due to his years of first-hand experience in sales, field training and coaching. What really impressed me about his ideas was that they stressed authenticity and the value that the sales process brings to prospects. In addition, I enjoyed Jeremy’s valuable perspective on using purposeful laughter to prepare for and work through work challenges. I left the session with specific goals and action items which I immediately put into action. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to expand or improve their prospecting approach.
-Tami, Business Development Executive

I would highly recommend Jeremy. His creative approach, insight and vast sales management experience were invaluable to me. He listened and offered solutions. I cannot thank Jeremy enough for taking me to the next level!
-Lynn, Sales Manager

Working with Jeremy is an absolute pleasure. He’s assisted me with sales execution, strategy and creativity to help serve my clients to the fullest of my capabilities. Jeremy is a role model for all of us when looking for guidance on how to respectfully treat a client and close a sale. He goes out of his way to be courteous and helpful to people in all walks of his life and I proudly endorse him.
-Matthew, Sales Director

Jeremy is a great listener. He is able to quickly grasp the issues at hand and help you to identify a way to find a solution. Jeremy’s creative approach and positive energy make him fun to work with. I really enjoyed working with Jeremy and highly recommend him!
-Bhanu, Vice President

I worked with Jeremy when circumstances required me to “up my game” in sales outreach – something I found really intimidating. Jeremy is a great coach – he’s reassuring, really knows his stuff, and has a lot of empathy for his clients. I came away with some great techniques and tools for lead generation, and greatly enhanced confidence. I also really enjoyed working with him! Highly recommended.
-Katy, Vice President

Jeremy provides a no-nonsense strategy that works for any sales person who is always chasing after their prospects. He allows you to designate what to work on during your sessions and seems to have a solution for any possible dilemma you run into with prospects. Highly recommended!
-Chris, National Sales Manager

Results For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & CEOs

Jeremy Ulmer is professional yet personable, seasoned yet modest, and detailed yet humorous. As a sales coach, Jeremy proved to me that sales can actually be fun, and after the first 2 weeks I not only had a new paying client, I had 10 new referrals. I can not recommend Jeremy strongly enough.
-Kim, Owner

If you feel that any aspect of your life, business or career is not at 100%, Jeremy will help you get there. It is hard to put into words what a great business partner Jeremy has been. The results you might care about? Well, in just a few months, my revenue is up, my people are happy, my life has clearer purpose and I feel energized and fulfilled. However, these things are not as important as knowing that I have the best coach I could hope for with whom to continue this successful journey.

Jeremy’s commitment to partnership in my life has been tremendous. He truly cares about my success and well being and his background and experience in business, sales, and living successfully give me all the tools that I could wish for in a coach. Jeremy has an uncanny gift for unlocking what I already knew, but couldn’t see. He has helped me uncover what I truly want and put these things into action that is taking me where I really want to go. Kids aside, I can’t think of a better gift I could have given to my life. My team loves working with Jeremy, too, and are performing at levels I’d never expect. Jeremy is among the very few people I feel blessed to know, and I highly recommend him!
-BJ, Founder & CEO

To say that Jeremy was the answer to straightening me out from the funk I was in is a serious understatement. Dealing with the economy and slowing business had put a lot of stress on me. I lost focus and I was trying too hard at making sales…the wrong way. I developed many sales ills. (call reluctance, a negative attitude, unfocused goals, etc) Jeremy listened to my concerns, analyzed what I was doing right and wrong and refocused me.

His coaching was encouraging and practical. I saw results right after our 1st session. The sales tips, tactics and strategies I picked up from him were invaluable. His recommendations were laser on target, not general or vague like other coaches that I’ve heard in the past. I’ve had tremendous success in the past and I built my business up from scratch, however, when it comes to sales and business, Jeremy is truly an expert.

Nevertheless, that is not the best part of him. Jeremy is a good man. He is compassionate and easy to work with. He genuinely is concerned about people. I look forward to working with Jeremy and continuing to grow my business with his help. In addition, I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is in sales, owns a business or needs career or personal coaching. He is the one who will help you get to the next level.
-Lionel, Owner

Jeremy has my strongest recommendation. The sales discipline and insight that he provides would be an asset to any business owner. His commitment to success of his clients is invaluable especially when challenging situations arise. Jeremy’s integrity and humor make him one of those people I really enjoy working with.
-Lesley, Creative Director & Owner

We hired Jeremy to work with an employee who was taking on some Inside Sales responsibilities. In a very short period of time, we saw an amazing difference in her performance, as well as her attitude. Jeremy helped her get over the initial “fear” factor, helped her organize her time and helped to eliminate all the excuses. He was there to guide her through how to approach the cold call, and gave her many empowering suggestions in getting through to prospects. I would not hesitate to use Jeremy again.
-Nina, CFO

I have been working with Coach Jeremy for quite a few months now and he has helped me move well beyond past limitations and blocks. His great personality has enabled him to be sensitive to the pressures I feel running my own business, while creatively helping me push myself to achieve more aggressive goals. I have no hesitation in recommending Coach Jeremy to just about anyone who wants to move forward in their career and their life!
-Thomas, Owner

Being a relatively new agent working in the financial industry, I hired Jeremy to help me develop my sales and prospecting skills. Working with me as a career/sales coach I found Jeremy to be knowledgeable, easy to work with, creative, extremely supportive and passionate in his desire to assist me in my growth and development. He provided constructive ideas that I could use to immediately improve my confidence and sales skills.

Jeremy’s calm, supportive style made it comfortable and easy to try new things. I plan to continue to use Jeremy as I expand my skills and services and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone else seeking assistance with a change or challenge.
-Patti, Financial Advisor & Owner

I enjoyed working with Jeremy. I think the best recommendation I can offer is that he took me and my business to another level. That’s what I was looking for and that’s what I got. Thanks Jeremy!
-Chris, President

I hired Coach Jeremy Ulmer to assist me in growing sales for my wireless business. My background is in retail sales and I needed someone to help me transition into business sales. My requirements were simple – I wanted someone who was an expert at business sales – to coach and to mentor me through this transition. To be clear – I was frightened of cold calling – no exaggeration. However, Jeremy gave me tools and techniques to overcome this fear – and within one week it was gone!

Working with Jeremy was a unique experience because typically with coaching, the coach “assists” you in developing your own solutions. However, because of Jeremy’s vast sales and executive experience – he was able to provide value beyond what any other coach could offer. Through his experience, he was able to fill in the blanks. He was able to immediately hone in on things that would not work – and accentuate and inspire those that would and did work. Yes he challenged me to think of my own solutions; however it was great to have his expert advice as well. Especially when it came to developing sales scripts and tactics to overcome objections. Little things can make a huge difference and give you an edge – there are countless nuggets that I gained from Jeremy.

The price that I paid for the value that I received was exceptional. I found his rates to be very affordable – and having minimal impact on my budget. This is the first time I hired a sales coach and to say the least, I was very pleased. I will continue to use Jeremy’s services and highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of hiring a sales coach or a business coach.
-Darryl, President

Even coaches need a coach. I hired Jeremy to help me tame all the directions I was going in. Within a couple of conversations with Jeremy, I felt more focused that I could have ever been on my own. He reads you and he knows how to ask the questions to get you thinking. He knows how to push, gently. Fire yourself and hire Jeremy!
-Douglass, Owner & Coach

Whether you are a brand new start up or an experienced entrepreneur, Jeremy is the one to take you to the next level. He is an excellent listener, highly professional, and a great coach. I had some specific business challenges which Jeremy helped me with very quickly and effectively.
-Shane, Owner & Founder

He is one of the highest level sales professionals that I have ever worked with and his process orientation and attention to detail when it comes to the sales process are truly flawless. Jeremy has my ringing endorsement. And to top it all off…he is a darn good guy as well!
-Pete, Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy’s intuitive personality contributes to making him a great coach! He enabled me to refocus the passion I have for my business. His coaching homed in on the key points I needed to change and develop as a business owner. Jeremy is very professional and an expert in his field of work. I recommend him to anyone!
-Hillis, Partner & CEO

Jeremy was an inspirational speaker who not only provided excellent information, but put that information to practice use for each person present. I walked away with valuable tools to help grow my business.
-Eileen, Franchise Owner

Jeremy is an incredible motivator and helped to support me to achieve great sales results. He is highly skilled at creating an effective sales process, sales scripts and implementing various other sales techniques. He was always there for encouragement and guidance. I highly recommend him!
-Luis, Consultant

Jeremy has been a very valuable resource for our firm. He helped us to be more successful with our sales efforts. I highly recommend Jeremy!
-Mary, Partner & Owner

I attended one of Jeremy’s seminars on prospecting this morning. What a great seminar. Jeremy is very knowledgeable in his field and a very good communicator. Every business owner and sales person needs to hear his message! A lot of great information that you could take away and put into action immediately. I only wish the seminar were longer!
-Margaret, Owner

Jeremy was integral in giving me confidence in my sales abilities. He took the time to understand my audience and provided me with insights just when I needed them. Without Jeremy, my success would have come slower and with less balance in my professional life.

Jeremy is an outstanding coach. He has a natural coaching style that is inquisitive and supportive. He always offers great suggestions and is willing to support his current and former clients in every way. I learn something each time I talk with Jeremy, whether it’s a coaching call or just asking for his advice.

Jeremy is one of the greatest coaches you will ever work with! He knows exactly how to motivate and educate you to help you get the results that you are looking for in your business or your life. Jeremy provided innovate thoughts that helped me immensely with increasing my clientele and growing my business. I recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to increase productivity, increase sales, or have a better life in general!

We recommend Jeremy and his team to our clients when they have the right products on the market, but aren’t getting the sales results they should be getting. Jeremy and his team are somehow able to help business developers tap their “inner game”. The difference we see in mindset and increased sales pipeline activity often surprises both the leadership team and the sales force alike. Highly recommended.

If you are seriously considering maximizing your potential and working with a coach, please contact me.