How To Stay Positive

Many studies, such as Amen Clinics Research, illustrate the importance of a positive mind for physical health, mental health, creativity, productivity, focus, discipline, fulfillment, imagination, and dedication. All of these benefits have a direct impact on living more fulfilling lives and experiencing better results in business.

Brain scans show that a positive mind is much more active than a negative mind, and active in the areas critical for many of the benefits above. My focus here is on how to be more positive and if you are already in a positive state, how to enhance it further.

Below are a few approaches that may be helpful for you. Try them out and find what works for you.

Question the negative thought.
1. Ask yourself what it feels like to experience this thought?
2. How does it limit you?
3. What would be different for you and what becomes possible without this negative thought?
4. Flip the negative thought upside down to create a positive thought.
5. Consciously decide which thought feels better for you.

Acknowledge the negative thought.
1. Choose to separate yourself from the negative thought and view it as separate from your true self.
2. Notice your negative voice, (ie- “I can’t do this” or ”I will fail”) and then ask yourself what you truly believe.
3. Consciously decide which way of thinking is right for you.

Ignore the negative thought and tell it to get lost!
1. Tell your excuses or negative thoughts to go away and back off.
2. Then you can focus on what is most important to you.

Enhance your positive mind-set by asking these questions.
1. What is going well for me right now?
2. What keeps my energy going?
3. What values, natural gifts, or talents are present when I am feeling positive?
4. Who else can I count on to have positive energy?
5. Is there a place in my business or life, where I can tap into positive energy?
6. How would being more positive benefit me?
7. What changes can I make to put more focus on a positive mind-set?

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