How To Set Goals

How To Set Goals

1. Specific: The goal must be specific.  If the goal is not specific enough it will lack clarity and meaning.  Example: “I’d like to move soon.” versus “I will move by Feb 1, 2009 to ________, by doing, ABC.”

2. Measurable: The goal must be measurable and have a well defined outcome.  Example: “I want to cut weight.” versus “I will drop 15 lbs by April 10, 2009″ or “Achieve body fat of 5% by June 1, 2009.”

3. Accountability: You must set up and have accountability.  Example: Arrange for a friend, family member, business partner, or a coach to help hold you accountable.  The more people who know about your goal, the better.

4. Desire: The goal must be something you truly desire and want!  It sounds simple, but you should get very clear on why the goal is so important to you and be very clear about the meaning behind it.

5. Exciting: The goal must be exciting!  Don’t choose a goal that isn’t.  If the goal and the action plans around it are not exciting or thrilling to you, it reduces the odds it will get done.  Make it exciting!

6. Positive Feelings: You need to explore and visualize what it will be like to meet the goal.  What do you need to bring out in yourself to succeed, and what will it feel like when you meet the goal?

7. Negative Feelings: You need to explore what it will feel like if you do not meet the goal.  What will the impact be?  How will you be feeling?

8. Commitment: Need I say more?  Think about your level of commitment to the goal.  Rate your level of commitment on a scale from 1-10.  If it is not a 10, figure out what you need to do to get it to a 10.

9. Resonant: What does it feel like to say the goal out loud?  How does it sit?  Will working on this goal honor some of your values and who you are as an individual?  For the goal to have a powerful meaning it needs to have a clear connection with who you truly are.

10. Action: This one is pretty straight forward, but all the planning in the world will not mean anything if you do not take action!

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